Five handy tips to make your bathroom the best place to be #firstthing. You can thank us later…

Play music through your sink while you shower

You may have seen in one of our earlier blogs that we recommend blasting tunes from your favourite playlist whilst you shower to wake you up #firstthing. But, if you can’t hear those upbeat tracks over the sound of your shower, we know just the trick! Simply stick your phone in a dry cup or dry sink. The acoustics will amplify the sound, giving you makeshift speakers that cost absolutely nothing. Now, that’s sure to make your #firstthing better, isn’t it?

A larger mirror means a larger bathroom...

Okay… this isn’t completely true, but it’s a cool visual trick that all the top interior designers use in order to reflect more light around the room, making it appear bigger. It’s guaranteed to be your favourite thing about your bathroom, aside from your trusty Triton, of course!

Upcycle an old draw into a mini storage unit

Small bathrooms needn’t be a cluttered space you dread to step foot in #firstthing. Instead, get smart with storage and your bathroom is sure to be your favourite place to freshen up. All you need to do is hang an upcycled old drawer or wooden box to the wall and voila, you’ve got a pretty (space saving) place to hang all your shower essentials.

Enjoy our top towel trick…it’s magic!

Towels… they’re essential to your #firstthing routine but is there ever a good place to put them? If you’re guilty of throwing them across the radiator (or worse, dangling them over your shower or bath), it’s time to try our handy towel trick. For simple storage that is completely out of the way, add a few rails to the back of your door. Out of sight, but always there when you step out of the shower. Perfect!

Banish those rust rings

Rust… no-one wants to spend their mornings looking at that #firstthing. Make it a thing of the past by painting the metal rims of your pamper products with clear nail varnish and it’ll no longer be a problem - we promise!

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