Around 60% of UK homes are located in hard water areas, including many of our major cities – London, Brighton, Southampton, Bristol and Birmingham.

Due to a high mineral content, this type of water can prove troublesome for some household appliances as these chalky deposits can clog internal pipe work, for example the scale inside a kettle or a washing machine. Similar to maintaining such household items, regular, simple maintenance can prolong the performance and life of your shower.

To keep limescale at bay and maintain the performance of your shower, regularly wipe the shower head to prevent scale from building-up. Rubbing with basic household cleaning products usually does the trick and opting for a shower head with a removable spray plate, like the Triton 8000 series Dura-Flow™ shower head, makes the cleaning process even easier. For really stubborn build up, soaking overnight in a de-scaling solution will ensure each individual nozzle is perfectly clear.

To reduce internal residue building up there are now showers available which have been designed specifically to tackle the root of the hard water problem, such as theTriton T80 Pro-fit electric shower. The T80 Pro-fit has a Dura-Flow™ heater can which helps reduce the build-up of limescale by up to 80% and in combination with the  Dura-Flow™ easy access filter and  showerhead, is simple and easy to maintain.

The T80 Pro-Fit is available in white, with outputs of 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW. It has a full two year parts and labour guarantee and is also supported by Triton’s national team of engineers.

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