Triton Showers was the headline sponsor for the Scotland Housing Industry Leaders 2023 conference

Our very own Sustainability Manager, Dan Lintell delivered a speech about conscious showering, engaging key housing industry leaders and decision-makers to think about the carbon impact of showering in homes, and how different showering solutions can empower organisations to reach their carbon impact goals.


Dan’s speech focused on two key areas of importance: the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency.


Dan addressed how taking a more considered approach to showering can help with addressing both of these topical issues.


For example, if 10% of households in Scotland reduce the average shower time with their Mixer shower (12l/min, connected to an A-rated gas boiler) by 2 minutes, in total it would be equivalent to the total savings of removing 22,000 ICE cars off U.K. roads (35..2k tCO2e).


Equally, if the same 10% of households fitted and used an 8.5kW electric shower* rather than a mixer (12 l/min flow rate assumed) connected to an a-rated gas boiler.


These figures highlight why showering solutions should be considered within Net Zero plans.


The key takeaways from this presentation were:


•Don’t overlook showering in your Net Zero plans

•Consider showering options as part of the ‘whole-house’ heating eco-system design

•Where-ever possible, adopt a ‘Fabric first’ approach

•Engage residents, but don’t just rely on behaviour change

•For a Net Zero future, energy source REALLY matters


*Note: a mixer shower fed by an appropriately specified ASHP (if used appropriately) could achieve similar carbon savings.