Triton Showers has been named the winner of Planet Mark’s Sustainability Campaign award, in recognition of its impactful ‘Every Drop Makes a Difference’ initiative.

We are thrilled to have been named the winner of Planet Mark’s Sustainability campaign award, in recognition of our ‘Every Drop Makes A Difference’ initiative. Our very own Sustainability Manager, Dan Lintell, and Content Manager, Emilly Taylor accepted the award at the prestigious Royal Institution, and gave us their experience of the evening. 


Our recognisable ‘Every Drop Makes A Difference’ campaign aimed to educate customers on how they can reduce their bathrooms’ carbon footprint – and in the process, discover the cost benefits and energy and water savings. We wanted to increase awareness of the benefits of electric showers, and promote behaviour change amongst shower users. 


You might have seen us on your TV, heard us on the radio, or spotted us in national retail stores. The wide-reaching nature of our campaign meant we were able to communicate our message to millions of people all over the UK. 


What’s more, we launched our online water & energy savings calculator, which asks you simple questions and then provides personalised tips to help you to see the amount of water and energy you use and see how much you could save – in both carbon and in your wallet – by making small changes like showering for just three minutes less.  


But we weren’t just on your tele, or your radio. We’ve continued to post our journey across social media – letting you know about our biggest challenges, our major wins, and how you can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your bathroom at home.  


All of this wasn’t just to look good – we're continuing to share our journey and educate our customers, as well as make impactful changes to our business operations that aim to reduce our carbon impact on the environment. From simply turning on your shower in the morning, to our major operational investments at Triton HQ, everything from our calculator, campaigns, and our employee initiatives aims to help us reach Net Zero by 2035.  


All of this is what helped us to win Planet Mark’s Sustainability Campaign award this year – which was awarded to us by Si Bellamy OBE, Chief Transformation Officer at the Eden Project.  


Our Content Manager Emilly Taylor said: “To accept our award from Si was fantastic – Si is a huge inspiration and an influential voice in the world of sustainability. The evening was a true reminder that we - as businesses - are ultimately better when we work together to recognise our challenges and celebrate our wins.” 


It doesn’t just stop there! Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO at Planet Mark, said: “A huge congratulations to Triton Showers for winning the Sustainability Campaign award, sponsored by The Eden Project, at the Planet Mark 2023 Awards. The ‘Every Drop Makes a Difference’ campaign not only tackles carbon reductions head-on, but it also raises awareness of the associated cost savings. This campaign demonstrates the importance of engagement to give employees and customers the necessary tools to be able to reduce their carbon footprint. This award is very well deserved, and I look forward to seeing Triton Showers accelerate its sustainability journey in the years to come.” 


Finally, we would like to thank Team Triton and our stakeholders for their continued support on our sustainability journey. It is a collective effort to drive this change not just in what we do, but how we create a culture of change going forward. This is only the beginning of our journey, and we have large ambitions. We’re excited for the future and our journey to Net Zero 2035.