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Whether you are looking for some assistance with installation or want to find out how to get the most out of ENVi®, including its personalised settings and insights into your shower usage, our dedicated ENVi® support page has you covered.

How to guides for your ENVi®

ENVi® Basics

A quick guide to get you started with your ENVi® electric shower.


  • Timer explained
  • Temperature settings explained
  • User profiles explained
  • Cold setting explained
  • Eco mode explained

Timer & Eco Mode

More detail in how to get the most out of the timer and eco mode settings on your ENVi® electric shower.


  • What is the default timer?
  • How to change the timer?
  • What is eco mode?
  • What does eco mode do/how to use it?

User Profiles

See how to perfect the personal touch out of your ENVi® electric shower with user profiles, up to 6 in total.


  • How to switch between user profiles
  • How to alter a user profile (in settings)

Energy & Water Data

See how to get the most accurate water and energy usage data from your ENVi® electric shower, based on your latest bills, where every drop makes a difference.


  • What is the default cost?
  • How to change the default (in settings)
  • What numbers do you need to input (from your real bills)?
  • What do you NOT need to input (standing charges)?

ENVi® Troubleshooting

ENVi® provides full diagnostics to ensure the smooth and safe running of your shower.


Find a full list of error codes and troubleshooting FAQS at the link below.


ENVi® Spares

See spares for all our ENVi® models conveniently split into each kits colour.