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Would you like your household hot water system (the system that supplies your hot taps in your house) to provide the hot water to your shower? If not, do you want your shower to heat the water up as you shower? 


Use my household water system to provide hot water to the shower


Use the shower to heat water whilst showering

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Benefits of using your household hot water system

  • You will be able to choose from a mixer, power or digital mixer shower
  • A broader range of style options
  • Higher flow of water
  • Mixer and Digital showers allow for a greater choice of accessories, such as luxurious shower head and body jets
  • Some mixer and digital showers supply multiple showering outlets, letting you switch from one shower head to another with one simple control

Benefits of heating water whilst showering

  • Cost efficient, as there is no need to heat and store as much water
  • You can shower at any time or the day as you don’t have to wait for your hot water system to heat up giving you maximum convenience
  • Energy efficient, as water is only heated when you shower
  • Ideal as a second shower, as some household water systems may not be able to supply two showers with enough hot water at the same time