Margaret Blackwood Housing Association


Helenvale, a new development of care flats by Margaret Blackwood Housing Association, is a community made up of 24 individual living quarters in Glasgow, Scotland. With the project aiding independence for people with severe disabilities, it was essential that all fittings and fixtures were multi-generational and reliable. With this in mind, the Housing Association has specified Triton’s Omnicare Design thermostatic shower.

“Access to showering facilities that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but operate safely too, is a basic necessity which can be made possible through the careful selection of products. Our experience with Triton’s range of units designed specifically for those who require additional assistance helped us to select a product perfectly suited to this project.

“Working with an established name in the industry gives all parties involved peace of mind that the devices used are of a high standard and will cater to all end-users. All of this whilst remaining simple to install, removing any potential issues or additional costs on the job.”

David Campbell, Project Manager at BPS


Omnicare Design is a thermostatic electric shower, specifically designed to suit multi-generational households, including end users dealing with physical challenges. Product is BEAB Care and RNIB approved and offers additional safety features such as adjustable maximum temperature stop, adjustable timed shutdown, audible feedback option and phased shutdown, as well as a lever handle for the ease of use. You can see more about Omnicare unit here . 

How to make bathrooms fit for purpose for all generations

We have created a safety blueprint guide which considers the movement towards multi-generational living in the UK, and explores the key elements of bathroom safety. It outlines the most important factors for those responsible with taking an ‘end-user first’ approach to bathroom and shower specification, providing a framework for the kind of practical steps that occupational therapists, supply chain, maintenance and contracts managers can take.

What the guide covers

  • Social housing supply and demand
  • The UKs demographic shift
  • Introducing the PASA test – our unique tool to help shower specification
  • Insight from a leading Occupational Therapist
  • Key elements of the safe bathroom
  • And much more!