Electric Showers

Are Triton showers easy to install?
All Triton models are expertly engineered and rigorously tested 50,000 times to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. Our showers are also designed with ease of installation in mind for quick, hassle-free fitting.
Where is the serial number located on a Triton Electric shower?
A rating label is located on the underside of the unit, which includes the model name, kW rating and the manufacture date code. Inside the unit there is a further product-rating label, which has the same information and also the serial number.
Where is the filter situated in a Triton electric shower?
The filter will be found in the inlet connection. In some units it will be necessary to disconnect from the water supply to access the filter.
When I turn on my electric shower water starts leaking out from the bottom of the unit, why?
If water is leaking from a clear plastic tube or small plastic elbow in the unit, then the Pressure Relief Device (PRD) has been activated.
A PRD is a safety device designed to relieve abnormal pressure from within the heater assembly of an electric...
What is a PRD (pressure relief device)?
The PRD is a safety device designed to relieve abnormal pressure from within the heater assembly of an electric shower when a restriction occurs on the shower outlet i.e. blocked showerhead, collapsed shower hose.
If activated it will be necessary...
Water from my electric shower is too hot, why?
Check that the Stop Tap is fully open. Check that the sprayplate of the showerhead is clean. Check if an acceptable temperature is achieved by removing the showerhead from the shower hose. Check the internal lining of the shower hose is not collapsed...
Water from my electric shower is not getting hot enough, why?
Check the temperature control and power setting is on the correct setting for the time of year. Check the temperature control (flow control valve) is regulating the flow of water through the unit, there should be a noticeable reduction in flow when turning...
There is no water flowing from my electric shower, what should I check?
Is water turned on to the unit? Is electricity turned on to the unit? Is the inlet filter blocked? Are the front cover and any start/stop connecting cable fitted correctly?
My Triton electric shower is under warranty and has a fault, what is the procedure?
If the shower is under warranty request an engineer visit via this site or call 02476 372 222 to arrange a visit under the terms and conditions of the warranty.
My electric shower will not turn off the water what should I do?
Check that the front cover has been fitted correctly with no distortion to the backplate. On units fitted with a commissioning link, check that it has been removed during installation (see fitting instructions for further advice)
The water flowing from my electric shower is cold/too cool, what can I check?
Is electricity turned on to the unit? Check that the temperature control is set to the correct number for the time of year (you will need a higher number in the winter than in the summer). Check that the power selector (if available) is set to 'High'. ...
My electric shower runs too hot, too cold or cycles between the two, why?
Check pressures and cover alignment In the first instance we would advise to check you have adequate water pressure and flow into the shower for the kilowatt of shower that you have and that the temperature dial has been aligned correctly with the inside...
My electric shower is indicating low pressure what should I check?
Check isolation valves are fully open. Check inlet filter is not blocked with debris. Check minimum required water pressure and flow is available at the inlet to the shower.
Having reset the MCB my electric shower is now not heating the water fully, why?
The most likely reason why the unit is not heating the water fully is that a heating element has failed. The elements can be tested for continuity using a multi-meter. If open circuit a new heater assembly is needed.Note: If an element has failed other...
A newly installed T300si, when started the low water pressure light is on and there is only cold water from the showerhead, why?
Check that the commissioning procedure has been carried out correctly as detailed in the fitting instructions. Check the inlet filter is not blocked and establish that water pressure and flow meets the specified minimum.
Do I have to fit a double - pole isolation switch when I install my Triton electric shower?
Yes, for the purpose of future servicing of the shower a ceiling or wall mounted DP isolation switch is required. It is also good practice to isolate the shower when not in use.
Can I use push-fit pipe and fittings to install my Triton electric shower?
Yes, you can use push-fit plumbing except for the final connection onto the shower inlet, which must be a 15mm compression fitting to ensure a watertight connection.
What points need to be considered when replacing an existing electric shower?
Considerations when replacing an electric shower are: Dimensions of the unit (will the replacement shower cover existing tiles and screw fixings). Cable and water entry points (are they compatible). Kilowatt rating of the unit (is the existing cable ...
How can I work out the running cost of an electric shower?
To establish the electricity cost firstly multiply the kW per hour tariff you are paying by the kW rating of the shower. The cost per shower is then dependant on the number of showers taken per hour. Example for an 8kW shower unit. Electricity tariff...
What size electric cable is required for an electric shower?
The size of cable that can be used for an electric shower depends on a number of factors which includes, the kilowatt rating of the shower, the method of cable installation, any de-rating factors and the length of circuit. In some cases 6mm cable will...
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