Mixer Showers

Are Triton Quality Assured
Triton Showers have achieved ISO9001 accreditation for safety and quality. All Triton electric showers comply with BEAB safety standards.
Why is the flow of water from my mixer shower poor when previously it was good?
Why does the water temperature from my mixer shower sometimes fluctuate from very cold to very hot?
Common reasons for this symptom are: Water being drawn off at other outlets or appliances is adversely affecting the pressure and flow to the shower.Incorrect mixer product has been fitted for the type of hot water system in the property.The mixer shower...
There is no water flowing from my mixer shower, what should I check?
Check that the hot and cold water supplies have been turned on at the isolating valves. Ensure that check valves if fitted in the mixer shower inlets are opening correctly. Check inlet filters if fitted are not blocked. ...
There is a constant drip from the shower head when the mixer unit is turned off, what should I check?
There may be debris in the mixer. If the cartridge in the mixer is damaged, it will need replacing - call the Triton's customer service department on 02476372 222
The water temperature from my mixer is too cool, what should I check?
Check that the hot water temperature at basin taps is acceptable (this should be approximately 55 to 60C). If it is not, then the thermostat on the hot water system (e.g. hot water cylinder or combination boiler) needs adjusting. HP models only - has...
The flow from my mixer shower is less than I expected, what is the usual performance of a shower on a gravity system?
Flow rate from mixer showers varies depending on the available head of water and restrictions within the supply and valve. Commonly flow rate is between 3 and 5 litres per minute. To ensure optimum performance from a gravity fed mixer shower the following...
I have a mixer shower fed from a hot water cylinder and cold water cistern but the flow is poor, can the performance be improved?
Fitting a T550i pump onto the system will significantly improve the performance of a gravity fed mixer shower.
I am getting cold water from my new mixer shower but no hot water, what could be the problem?
Check that the hot and cold water supply connections at the mixer valve are correct. If you have connected to the mains cold water supply and gravity fed hot water supply this could be the cause of the problem. Check that the inlet filter in the hot ...
Do I need to install check valves in the hot and cold supply when installing my Triton bar mixer shower?
Triton barmixer showershave check valves already fitted in the hot and cold inlets, so there is no need to fit additional check valves in the supplies.
Can I install my Triton mixer shower using plastic pipe and push-fit fittings?
Yes, there is no problem using push-fit plumbing when fitting our mixer showers providing ferrule inserts are in the pipe when making connection to the compression fittings on the mixer.
Can I install my Triton mixer shower to gravity hot water and mains cold water supplies?
No, Triton mixer showers must have the hot and cold supply at nominally equal pressure. Connecting onto mains cold water can result in cross flow into the hot supply, forcing water back into the cold-water cistern with potential overspill and property...
What size cold water cistern and hot water cylinder do I need to supply a low-pressure mixer shower?
The minimum size cold water tank (cistern) we recommend for one shower unit is 115 litres (25 gallons). Hot water storage will depend on a number of factors such as, time in the shower, flow rate of the shower and the stored water temperature and recovery...
What do I need to check most when selecting a replacement for my existing mixer shower?
Check that the mixer shower you select is compatible with your water system i.e. low or high pressure. Check that the mixer you select is thermostatic in operation if you want optimum temperature control. Check that the inlet fittings on the new mixer...
How do I find out what flow rate I will get from a Triton mixer shower before purchasing?
Firstly you will need to establish whether the mixer shower you are interested in is suitable for the water system in the property i.e. a low - pressure or high-pressure system. By accessing the fitting instructions for the product you will be able to...
Does Triton produce any fixing brackets to aid the fitting of bar mixer showers?
The following fixing brackets are available: For exposed pipes. For built in pipes. Bracket for built in pipes. Note: These are not suitable for all models. View our range of fixing brackets.
Does Triton have a range of mixer showers with tamper proof controls?
Tritons Elina range of mixer showers has tamper proof controls. A tool to remove the controls is supplied with the valve.
Do you make a mixer shower that I can install onto a gravity hot water supply and mains cold water supply?
We do not recommend installing our mixer showers onto unbalanced supplies of this type. While most of our mixer showers incorporate a single check valve in each inlet there is always a risk that debris may enter the mixer and prevent the check valve ...
I am replacing an old manual mixer valve and the hot supply to it is on the right. The new Triton bar mixer shower I am fitting has the hot connection on the left. Can I connect the hot supply to the cold inlet and change something on the mixer valve to suite?
There is no provision on a bar mixer shower to alter the thermostatic cartridge inside and have hot water entering the cold-water inlet. It will be necessary to alter the pipe arrangements and have the hot water supply on the left.
There is water flowing from the showerhead but the mixer shower pump does not start, what should I check?
Check that the cold water tank is a minimum of 150mm above the showerhead. Check that the electricity is switched on to the pump. Check that the pump filters are not blocked.
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