Water Heaters with Additive Benefits


Triton Showers has installed two Instaflow Unvented Stored Water Heaters at Mackart Additive’s Rugeley premises to replace an existing storage system that was struggling to cope with the business’s daily requirements.


Mackart - mechanical engineers specialising in the design and production of components using the additive layer process - approached Triton to help address their existing, underperforming hot water supply. Needed to rinse and clean additive manufactured parts and components, the 10L water heater that was installed previously could not satisfy demand. 


Following a consultation with Martyn Brown, Contracts and Technical Manager at Triton, it was decided that opting for a pair of 15L Instaflow unvented stored water heaters in place of the single, smaller unit would help solve Mackart’s problems.


The Instaflow’s compact size means the product is easy to install, resulting in little downtime for the customer. It is designed for under-sink situations or can be tucked away in a discreet location. With easy to operate controls, it gives quick heat up times with variable temperature settings to a maximum of 75°C. 


Perfect for storing either 5, 10 or 15 litres of hot water, depending upon size specified, Triton’s Instaflow has a corrosion resistant, enamel coated heater tank that is not only durable but will blend seamlessly into any commercial environment.


Martyn Brown commented: “The Instaflow provided the perfect solution for this project. A key element of the installation was the use of a single cold water feed to supply both the 15L units. Mackart now has ample hot water as and when needed, and the system is energy efficient too, saving the business both time and money.”


Steven McCarthy, Managing Director and Principal Technical Engineer at Mackart Engineering, said: “Ease of fit is one of the big advantages of Triton’s Instaflow. Our premises didn’t have to have any special provisions made, which was a huge plus point. Our old heater was simply removed and the Instaflow units plumbed into the current pipework. The whole process of decommissioning our old appliance and commissioning the new Instaflow units took less than a day and caused minimal disruption. As a result of the changeover, we now have a sufficient supply of hot water available when we need it - for everything from cleaning parts to washing hands.”


Triton’s Instaflow Unvented Stored Water Heater has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ‘B’ rating and comes with a full two-year parts and labour guarantee.

What Mackart Say


Watch the video to see Steven McCarthy of Mackart Engineering talk through the benefits the Instaflow Stored Water Heater has brought to his business.



Providing high flow rates and perfect for storing up to either 5, 10 or 15 litres of hot water from a cold mains water supply, the Instaflow stored water heater is designed for a discreet under-sink installation and gives quick heat up times with variable temperature settings up to a maximum of 75°C.

The Instaflow Range


Instantaneous and stored water heaters heat water where only a cold mains water supply is available (such as in a utility room or commercial environment). With an instant hot water heater, the heater powers up when water starts to flow through the unit (such as when a tap is opened) and uses no power when it is in standby operation. This allows these water heaters to provide a very economical solution for hot water on demand.


Triton's water heaters have a range of kilowatt options and sizes available, an option to suit a variety of needs - including under-sink options from the Triton Instaflow range. Whether for a hand basin tap for heating water on demand for handwashing, 2 outlets or a kitchen tap, you'll find the ideal solution from our range of electric water heaters.