Please note that if selecting the 10.5kW rating for this model, you will require 10 mm2 cabling.
Please check existing cabling for compatibility.
Low Pressure - Gravity fed cylinder. High Pressure - Mains fed cylinder or combi.
Product code: TSKFCALKATCH

The Callum – Kate chrome shower kit includes a beautiful square riser rail and single spray pattern shower head for mixer and power showers, perfect for adding a new dimension to your shower.

The Callum – Kate chrome shower kit features a straight square riser rail, unique complimentary wall brackets, a single spray pattern shower head and a 1.25m shower hose.

Critical to shower performance - Shower head and hose tested and optimised for safe performance with Triton mixer and power showers.

  • £46.10 £65.86
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  • Accessory Specification
  • Shower Compatibility
    Mixer Showers Only
  • Number of Showerhead Spray Patterns
  • Shower Head Diameter
    80mm / 3.15inches Square
  • Rub Clean Nozzles
  • Rail Diameter
    15mm X 30mm / 0.60inches X 1.18 inches Square
  • Rail Length
    530mm / 20.87inches
  • Soap Dish
  • Hose Length
  • Hose Retainer
  • Hose Material
    Double interlocked stainless steel
  • Colours Available
  • Guarantee and Approvals
  • Approvals
  • Guarantee
    1 year

Customer reviews

  • shower head doesn't fit in holder Reviewed by jam

    Summary says it all!
    Although a good looking shower, it is not practical. You cannot shower when the head is in the holder as water sprays everywhere. Bad designing.

    Triton Response - Sorry to hear you have had an issue with the fitting of the showerhead in the showerhead holder. Please see our response to a previous review ("Jerms" 22/08/2014). Thank you.

    (Posted on 22/08/2014)
  • Square peg in a round hole Reviewed by Jerms

    As the shower head is round and the shower head holder is square it does not sit properly and falls out. Which means you can not put the shower head on the stand and have to hold it while showering. Which makes it useless.

    Triton Response - Sorry to hear you have had an issue with the fitting of the shower head holder. Please ensure the tapered cone on the shower hose with the flats on it is inserted into the holder. As our shower hose has two different cones on it we advise the installer to check which of the two cones fully engages into the handset holder. Using this cone should ensure that the shower head will sit correctly in the shower head holder. Thank you.

    (Posted on 22/08/2014)

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