Please note that if selecting the 10.5kW rating for this model, you will require 10 mm2 cabling.
Please check existing cabling for compatibility.
Low Pressure - Gravity fed cylinder. High Pressure - Mains fed cylinder or combi.
Product code: T450I00M

A single impeller gravity fed pump which boosts supply from a cold water tank to the electric shower to overcome low mains pressure.

  • Boosts supply from cold water tank to the electric shower to overcome low mains pressure
  • Suitable for electric showers up to 9.5kW
  • Not suitable for: Satellites HP and LP mixing units, Safeguard+, T150Z, Aspirante Power Shower, AS2000XT, AS2000X
  • £189.51
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  • Guarantee and Approvals
  • Guarantee
    1 Year
  • Approvals
  • Installation
  • Plumbing System
    Low Pressure Gravity
  • Water Entry Points
  • Outlet Connection
    15mm Push Fit
  • Minimum Running Pressure / Flow
  • Maximum Static Pressure

Customer reviews

  • my pump does not like cold weather Reviewed by R.M. Lawrence

    I am on my 2nd. pump. I have exacly the same problem with them both. As soon as the cold weather comes the machine will be very reluctant to switch on in the mornings. We had a cold snap a few weeks ago and it started playing up then. I have in the past had to attempt to switch it on 50 times before it works. It (both of them) work fine throughout the year from about April to October but as soon as the cold weather comes the pump ceases to kick in first time or second time etc. Everything is well lagged, the dedicated tank is well lagged as are all my pipes.Is the problem an inherent fault with the type of pump. It seems strange that I should have the same problem with two pumps.

    Triton Response - Thank you for your comments and sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your pump. The problem may be due to having to reduce the flow of water through an electric shower at this time of year to achieve a preferred showering temperature and as a consequence there being insufficient flow to operate the flow sensor on the pump. There needs to be a minimum head of 500mm measured from the base of the cold water cistern to the top of the shower head and minimum restrictions to flow through the supply pipe, shower unit and shower head for correct operation of the pump. First of all ensure there is no blockage in the filters located in the inlet to the pump and the shower.

    If the problem persists we would advise that you contact our Customer Service Team on 02476 378 495. Provided the pump is installed correctly and is in warranty, an in guarantee service call can be arranged to examine the pump.

    (Posted on 31/10/2014)

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