New guide addresses aging population and the need to cater for the 1.8 million multi-generational households in the UK – a growing figure that is expected to triple by 2040

Triton Showers has developed a framework which outlines the key bathroom safety considerations when specifying for homes spanning more than one generation.

A Blueprint for Bathroom Safety: how to make bathrooms fit for purpose for all generations covers the main elements of specifying bathrooms, particularly in light of Britain’s aging population. The guide highlights how differing levels of independence within the same home require a bathroom tailored to meet varied needs.

Stuart Lane, Sales Director at Triton, comments: “Bathrooms are unique, in that they are one of the most heavily used rooms in a house, and by their nature present several hazards to those with limited mobility, dexterity or vision. There are a number of features that can be incorporated to meet this challenge, such as intelligent controls or accessibility apparatus, which we’ve detailed in a step-by-step way.

“It is important to note that it’s not just a case of providing for the 1.8 million (and growing) multi-generational households in Britain, but also being aware that adaptable design is crucial to future-proofing our homes. There is particular focus on social and affordable housing, with demand soaring and local authorities increasingly tasked with delivering suitable properties that remain habitable long into the future.”  

In recognition of the complexity of bathroom and shower specification, Triton has developed a four-part checklist to aid in the provision of an appropriate solution. The PASA test combines the four key areas of: Purpose, Accessibility, Safety, and Aesthetics to ensure a fit-for-purpose space.

Stuart continues: “There are obviously a huge range of factors that feed into creating a suitable bathroom, but style is one that can often be overlooked – especially when designing for older generations. The latest technology means aesthetics are no longer mutually exclusive with usability, as A Blueprint for Bathroom Safety illustrates.”

For example, Triton’s Omnicare range is an inclusive shower solution that combines the principles of safety and simplicity for a product that caters to all ages and mobility. It offers thermostatic temperature reassurance and can be equipped with a host of accessibility features such as remote on / off controls, audible feedback, and intuitive operation.  

Stuart concludes: “There is increasing pressure on housebuilders and specifiers to construct bathrooms and choose appliances with all ages in mind, particularly to avoid the need for drastic changes in the future. This is critical, because as the report shows, the rise of people co-existing together at different stages in life suggests this will continue to be a major factor for decades to come.”