Triton, the UK’s leading shower manufacturer, has launched a national consumer campaign to raise awareness of the environmental credentials of electric showers - focusing on how these appliances can help homeowners save water, energy and money whilst helping protect the planet in the process.


The first phase of a large-scale programme of activity began on 2 May with an animated, 30-second TV advertisement airing during commercial breaks scheduled around Good Morning Britain, as well as across ITV and C4 (video on demand).


Featuring one of Triton’s brand new ‘A’ rated, energy efficient models - the Amore DuElec® Electric Diverter Shower - the animation demonstrates how water and energy consumption can be reduced by opting for an electric unit compared to a mixer shower* so that end-users can enjoy every wash without worry.


The eye-catching creative is planned to appear at regular intervals until the end of September, with a version of the ad also recorded especially for Virgin Radio.


In addition to using broadcast channels to maximise the electric water heating message, Triton’s wider marketing activity will continue to support the ‘Every Drop Makes a Difference’ mantra as the year progresses - from delivering insightful research projects, display and native advertising across print and mobile, to wider amplification through social media.


The initiative follows Triton’s recent announcement that it aims to achieve carbon net zero by 2025, in what will be its 50th anniversary year. With domestic water and energy wastage an increasingly important issue, alongside electricity coming to the fore as a sustainable power source for the future, Triton is perfectly positioned to make a difference and fully intends to do so.


David Tutton, Managing Director at Triton Showers, said: “As the cost-of-living crisis escalates and fuel bills continue to climb, we understand the very real challenges that consumers are now facing. We’re also highly aware of the need for everybody to make informed decisions to help our planet. As a result, we want to help people understand that efficient electric showers are the way forward, and have chosen to invest heavily in making sure we get this message across during the course of 2022 and beyond.


“Triton products have been a familiar fixture within millions of bathrooms across the UK since 1975. We want to go even further now and be the most sustainable shower brand in the UK. That’s why we continue to develop water heating solutions to suit every customer and every budget - providing access to high performance showers but in a way that helps people do so with a cleaner conscience.”


Triton’s latest campaign follows the launch of its online Water and Energy Calculator. More recently, the brand also published its own consumer insight report, titled: ‘Greener UK Showers - lowering the water and energy consumption of showers in residential properties’, which is free to download from the Triton website.


*Water and energy savings achieved by comparing an 8.5kW Triton electric unit to a mixer shower connected to an ‘A’ rated gas combi boiler, installed at a distance of 10m with a 12L/min flow regulator in place


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