The next generation of electric showering: Triton unveils first design of its kind 


Triton, the UK’s leading shower manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new innovative shower solution, ENVi®. 

The first shower of its kind, this sleek electric unit offers personalised profiles, providing settings to encourage sustainable showering habits by reducing water and energy usage. 

Available in three on-trend finishes – black, copper and silver – and four showerhead configurations, the ENVi® allows homeowners to truly customise their showering experience. 

With a desirable finish that will fit seamlessly in any bathroom, the sleek control panel boasts an easy-to-read, full colour digital display, making it simple to remotely adjust water temperature, set a timer and easily monitor water and energy usage.  

UK-average water and energy unit costs are pre-set in the unit, and users can also adjust to their own specific unit costs – empowering them to track cost-per-shower and make habitual changes to reduce usage. The control panel also features an eco-mode, enabling users to reduce shower time by a minute at the touch of a button.  

Adding to its impressive functionality, the control panel accommodates up to six unique user profiles, so that every family member can set up their preferred shower experience. In addition, thermostatic functionality guarantees superior temperature stability, especially important for those living in a multi-generational household.   

As practical as it is functional, the electric shower unit, Tri-Hub, can be located up to 3m away from the control panel – meaning it can be installed in surrounding loft space or an airing cupboard, depending on preference and household layout. This creates a minimalist finish within the showering space which is clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing. 

Triton is also taking responsibility for its carbon emissions and has calculated the carbon-footprint of the full lifecycle of the ENVi® shower and, with the help of an independent partner*, is investing in climate projects to fully compensate for these emissions.  

Ashley Cooper, marketing director at Triton Showers, said: “The electric shower category has continued to evolve over the years, and with ENVi® we’re going one step further.  

“With our new electric shower, we’re providing homeowners with an innovation that meets modern bathroom needs – a stylish, streamlined showering solution that not only looks great  but also encourages users to think about their water and energy usage and habits.  


Electric showers 

“Drawing on domestic cold mains supplies and heating water on demand, electric showers offer an energy efficient solution that could help save up to 52,000 litres of water when compared to alternatives. According to Triton’s research, using an electric unit can cost up to a third less than its mixer counterpart each year – making it a great solution to help lower household bills, as well as reducing carbon footprint. 

If you have a busy family or aim to keep the amount of water you heat each day to a minimum, one of the perks of heating on demand is that you don’t need to predict usage. So, whether you’re heading for an extra rinse post-workout, or it is hair washing night in your household, you can rely on there always being enough hot water for everyone – without worrying about wastefully heating water you don’t need. 



Maximising space 

“When choosing a shower for a small bathroom, it’s important to consider the visual impact it will have on the space, as well as whether you have an enclosure or shower over bath. Selecting a streamlined shower, like ENVi®, keeps the cubicle looking neat and tidy as it doesn’t impede on the showering area. For a shower enclosure, pairing the shower with a waterfall showerhead reduces the need for wall fixtures, allowing you to maximise the space available, whilst providing an open and airy feel.   

“Opting for a wet room or walk-in shower in your bathroom can create a contemporary and creative design, without the need to make room for a shower enclosure or raised shower tray. A shower with concealed pipework helps to keep a wet room looking sleek, complementing the open layout of the space perfectly. For those wanting to benefit from the water and energy saving potential of an electric shower, while maintaining a minimalist design, ENVi® is a great option. 

Save a minute 

“If just one per cent of UK households reduce their daily shower time by one minute on average, this could save over 673million litres of water, equivalent to 270 Olympic swimming pools. It would also reduce nearly 6.7million kg CO2e, equivalent to removing 3,950 cars from the UK’s roads. 

“Triton’s online water and energy calculator provides useful hints and tips around consumption – specifically tailored to your household usage. Those looking to reduce their bills, and carbon footprint can use the calculator to discover the small changes they can make to reduce usage and help protect the planet in the process.” 



Triton offers a range showering solutions suitable for every need and budget. To view the collection, including the new ENVi® electric shower innovation, please visit:  

*Triton has calculated the carbon footprint of the full lifecycle of the ENVi® shower from manufacture, upstream and downstream transport and distribution, consumer use over a five-year period, and disposal. This work has been verified and accredited by ClimatePartner, an independent partner.