Introducing ENVi® - Next Generation Electric ShowersIntroducing ENVi® - Next Generation Electric Showers
Triton Electric Showers
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Our Electric Shower Range
Electric Showers

An efficient and more sustainable way to heat and use water

Triton Digital Mixer Showers
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Our Digital Shower Range
Digital Showers

Inject some high-tech into your first thing

Triton Mixer Showers
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Our Mixer Shower Range
Mixer Showers

Blend style and performance together for your first thing


See how much you could save by changing your showering habits


At Triton, we are on a mission to become the most sustainable shower brand in the UK. Explore our Sustainability Hub and read our Annual Sustainability Report.

Shower Accessories

Make your first thing unforgettable with stylish accessories

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Online exclusive and end of line products at great prices

Shower Replacement Service

Hassle-free shower installation by Triton