Fixed Shower Heads

Find Your Perfect Fixed Shower Head

Discover the ultimate shower experience with our exclusive range of fixed shower heads. Upgrade your bathroom with these luxurious fixtures that combine modern design and superior performance.

Whether you’re seeking a sleek chrome finish, a contemporary square design, or a luxurious rain shower head, we have the perfect fixed shower head to elevate your daily shower routine.

Fixed shower heads are loved for their simplicity, functionality, and style. As they are permanently attached to the shower wall or bar, and provide a stable and consistent water flow, making every shower feel like a rejuvenating spa experience. Shop our range of fixed shower heads below.

Key Features of Our Fixed Shower Heads

Replacement Fixed Shower Heads

Whether undergoing a full bathroom renovation or replacing a tired or faulty part, our replacement fixed shower heads are a perfect fit with any of our Triton mixer showers.  

Variety of Fixed Shower Head Designs

No two people have the same taste in interior design, which is why we have a range of styles and finishes available. From circular or square fixed shower heads to white or chrome fixed shower heads, you’ll find the perfect design to elevate your bathroom aesthetic.  

Fixed Shower Heads for Unrivaled Performance

Our fixed shower heads are engineered to deliver powerful and consistent water flow. All of our products have been crafted with the aim of creating a refreshing and invigorating shower experience every time.