Imagine if everything was as silent as a Triton power shower

Meet the AS2000SR Silent Power Shower

Enjoy the silence!

AS2000SR Silent Power Shower

Featuring our Quiet Mark approved, quiet pump technology for a relaxing shower experience, the Triton AS2000SR silent running power shower is the perfect solution for those with low pressure systems.


✔ Thermostatic peace of mind - Consistently holds water temperature regardless of changes to water pressure

✔ Ease of installation - makes  this an ideal replacement for existing Triton power showers

✔ Adjustable maximum temperature stop - Reduces the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high

✔ Suitable for low pressure gravity fed systems only - Hot and cold water supply required from a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder

✔ Start/stop push button - Easily switch the shower on and off without the need for changing temperature settings

✔ Rub clean shower head with five spray patterns

Quiet Mark Approved

The AS2000SR silent running power shower is Quiet Mark approved for its quiet pump technology. Quiet Mark is the International award programme for low-noise, high performance technology and solutions to combat global noise pollution.