Enhance your showering experience

Divert water between a multi spray pattern shower head and luxurious fixed rainfall shower head, or even use both together

 Triton Dual & Double Showering Range

For a fully emersive showering experience, a Triton dual outlet shower is the perfect choice.


Giving the ability to divert water between both a drench effect, fixed, rainfall shower head and a convenient, hand held shower head, a Triton dual outlet shower is a premium shower for any bathroom.


Whether looking to save water, save energy and so save money with a DuElec® Electric Shower, or the exceptional, luxury flow of a dual outlet Mixer or Digital Mixer Shower, our dual outlet showering range offers a great double shower head solution for any bathroom.

Dual Electric Showers

Featuring the Triton DuElec® electric shower range


  • A conventional electric shower with the added luxury of 2 shower head outlets
  • A more efficient way of showering
  • Available on a range of styles and models

Dual Mixer Showers

Featuring push button & diverter mixer showers


  • Blends style and performance for the best showering experience
  • Easily divert water between 2 outlets, or use both
  • Available in a range of styles and colours

Dual Digital Showers

Featuring the Triton HOST digital mixer shower


  • Inject some high-tech & personalise your showering experience
  • Contemporary, minimalistic controller & shower kit
  •  A range of accessories to choose from

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View the Dual Showering Mixer Shower range

View the Dual Showering Digital Mixer Shower range