Unified Water Label

We are committed to water efficiency

In addition to our range of Eco Showers, Triton is proud to be a fully supporting, registered member of the Unified Water Label Association’s (UWLA) Water Label Scheme, promoting water efficient bathroom products. This means that when you purchase a Triton shower displaying the scheme label, you can rest assured that your shower is both effective and water efficiency compliant.

The scheme aims to make it easy for installers and consumers to identify which products will save water, money and energy when installed and used correctly. Under the scheme, you can see how water efficient a mixer shower (shower control) product is by looking at its label like the example shown below.

UWLA Unified Water Efficiency 'Recommended' Product Label applicable for electric showers
UWLA Unified Water Efficiency Label applicable for mixer showers

The scheme provides a recognisable, consistent measurement of water efficiency of bathroom products, allowing for an easy comparison of the water efficiency of similar products for the consumer or installer when choosing a shower.

For more information and to see which Triton products are currently registered with the Water Label Scheme please visit the UWLA's dedicated Water Label Scheme Website www.europeanwaterlabel.eu.

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