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Imagine starting each day with a luxurious shower experience. Enjoy exceptional value for money with shower heads that combine style, quality, and performance. Explore features like multiple spray patterns and easy cleaning to find the best shower head for you.

We stock a huge variety of replacement shower heads, suitable for all types of showers. Browse handheld shower heads for flexibility, single spray for a classic experience, or square or microphone shower heads for a sleek shower look.

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Triton Shower Head RangeTriton Shower Head Range

Shower Head FAQs

Can I replace my current shower head with a Triton shower head?

Absolutely! Our shower heads are designed to be compatible with standard shower fittings. First, make sure your shower head is compatible with your shower (electric and mixer showers differ!). Once you’ve confirmed compatibility, simply remove your existing shower head and replace it with one of our high-quality options to upgrade your shower experience instantly.  

How do I choose the right shower head for my electric shower?

When choosing a shower head for your electric shower, consider factors such as water pressure, spray pattern options, and durability. We have a fantastic range of shower heads suited for electric showers, so you can enjoy optimal performance.

How do I clean my shower head?

The majority of our shower heads benefit from rub clean nozzles, meaning it’s easier to remove any dirt or build-up from your shower head quickly. Our 8000 Series DuraFlow™ shower heads also have a removable spray plate, allowing you to get into any seams.

How do I install a new shower head?

Installing a new shower head is simple, and each of our shower heads come with a helpful installation guide for you to reference.

Typically, it’s a case of carefully unscrewing the existing shower head from the shower hose (be prepared for some water to drain out), and hand-tighten the new shower head onto the hose until tight. If fitting to a Triton shower hose, be sure to connect the shower head to the conical end of the hose.

What are the different types of shower head available?

Within this selection of shower heads, there are some suited to all types of showers, while others are only suitable for mixer showers – please check the specifications to ensure compatibility with your shower.

Additionally, there are different spray types, including single spray patterns or multi-spray options. Depending on your preference, there are classic shower head shapes, as well as microphone or square head options.