We have a large range of shower accessories to help spruce up your shower. You will find attractive prices on shower heads and hoses, along with shower riser rails and many other showering essentials. All of our shower accessories are available with next working day delivery.


The choice you make when it comes to shower accessories is critical to the performance of your shower and you can rest assured that when you order a genuine Triton accessory that it has been tested to provide a great first thing day after day wherever you are in Land’s End or Fort William. Using non-Triton shower accessories will invalidate your guarantee should you encounter a problem with your Triton shower.



  1. Shower Heads
    Shower Heads

    Single or multi pattern of all shapes, sizes and colours

  2. Fixed Shower Heads
    Fixed Shower Heads

    All shapes, sizes and colours, suitable for mixer showers

  3. Shower Hoses
    Shower Hoses

    Stainless steel double inter-locked, various colours and lengths

  4. Shower Kits
    Shower Kits

    All include a shower head, shower hose and riser rail

  5. Shower Rails
    Shower Rails

    Stylish and robust in different shapes and colours

  6. Shower Arms
    Shower Arms

    For different installations, suited for fixed shower heads

  7. Shower Fixing Kits
    Shower Fixing Kits

    Bar mixer fixing kits for easier fitting and maintenance

  8. Shower Pumps
    Shower Pumps

    Power performance you demand from your shower

  9. Soap Dish and Handset Holders
    Soap Dish and Handset Holders

    A variety of styles and finishes