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Big Ambitions - Our approach to sustainability

Minimal impact on the environment is something we hear a lot these days – but often with questionable credibility and results. However, this lies at the very heart of our strategic vision for the next five years comprising big ambitions.

Working closely with the Carbon Trust, we will look to achieve carbon neutral certification in 2021. Following on from this milestone, we will then aim for carbon net zero status by 2025. This represents a huge undertaking for all concerned but such status would put us five years ahead of our competitors.

Only by sticking closely to these defined objectives will we improve our already strong
standing with customers. We've set up a dedicated working team from across the business to help steer progress and ensure we deliver on our promises.

Let’s move the dial by making all our showers more efficient.

As part of the Government’s pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, businesses like ours must do our utmost to help the planet and ensure the future of many generations to come.

We shouldn’t just feel duty-bound to act either - we should want to do it.
We’ve pledged to becoming a carbon net-zero business by 2025 by strategically partnering with leading names in sustainability like The Carbon Trust.

It’s all about making better choices. Not just the big stuff such as how our service vans are powered but even the smaller gestures such as changing all our on-site cutlery to bamboo.

At the same time, we’ll also be supporting our customers on how they can use water and energy more efficiently, to save money and the planet with our useful energy saving calculator.

Are electric showers energy efficient?

  • Our product design process aims to reduce the environmental impact of every product we innovate, from manufacturing and materials used, through to recyclability at the end of life
  • Our electric showers are very eco efficient.  They heat the water needed, rather than heating a hot water cylinder, or using hot water from a combi boiler. This is often a distance from the shower, so can be wasteful and use more energy
  • Power selection buttons enable the power consumption to be selected based on the incoming water temperature, and shower temperature required, which can provide a great energy saving when lower power ratings are selected
  • Triton products are built to last – our product fault rate is well below 1%  so there is a lower requirement to replace, and we will repair or replace product, and recycle any used parts or products returned to Triton
  • Our new product roadmap includes some great new eco efficient products which will use less water, but provide great performance and help consumers be more eco aware – watch this space!

Achievements so far


Our colour box packaging is made from 99.9% recycled material

Our polystyrene fitments have been replaced with recyclable cardboard (made from recycled material).

In 2020, we  switched to a more sustainable shrink wrap that stretches up to 2.5 times the previous material used, saving of over 3.5 tonnes of plastic shrink wrap in a year!

Use of LDPE plastic - a sustainable alternative to standard plastic


Electric & Hybrid - From 2020, our fleet vehicle options included electric and hybrid choices to reduce petrol and diesel emissions. 

You will see EV charging points in Triton’s car parks in 2021 for use by those with electric vehicles


We're proud to be a zero to landfill business since 2015

233 tonnes of waste was recycled in 2019

We recycle all the paper we use, and are moving processes online where possible

Removing fitting instructions products will remove 35 tonnes of CO2e from the environment, and save 600 large trees from being cut down to produce the paper required!

Reducing Energy

24% less gas

32% less electricity, with 100% of this now coming from 100% renewable sources

38% less water (that's a whopping 3,352,000 litres!)

LED lighting installation will reduce our carbon footprint by 178 tonnes.

49% reduction in carbon footprint overall, with an additional 12.5% reduction expected in 2021.


Eco Efficient Design

The design process aims to reduce the environmental impact of every product innovation – from manufacturing and materials used, through to recyclability at the end of life.

Triton products are built to last with a product fault rate well below 1%. If they do need replacing, 100% of parts returned to Triton will be reused or recycled.

New product roadmap includes some great new eco efficient products which despite using less water, still provide great performance and help consumers be more eco aware.

New products have an environmental ‘checklist’ identifying areas of energy usage, packaging and materials used.

Heart of England Forest partnership


We are supporting The Heart of England Forest to plant over 330 new trees. Alongside establishing diverse habitats for wildlife to flourish, the trees will also sequester more than 100 TCO2 upon maturity. Forests have a vital role to play in carbon capture and air purification, which makes it a critical tool in improving atmospheric conditions.

Recent news and resources 

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