Our Objective


Minimising our environmental impact in everything we do. To achieve carbon Net-Zero by 2035*


Our long-term commitment is to achieve Net-Zero by 2035. That means we need to reduce our absolute carbon footprint across all 3 scopes by a minimum of 90% (versus our 2021 baseline). We've already taken our first steps by measuring the carbon impact and full cradle-to-grave emissions from our business activity and uses of our products. Supported by the Carbon Trust, this work has enabled us to understand our baseline, and where we need to focus to tackle future challenges.

*Triton as a division of Norcros Group PLC. Norcros targeting Net-Zero by 2040.


EcoVadis is a globally recognised platform that rates and continually monitors companies’ corporate social responsibility management and progress, while offering tools to drive improvement. Their assessment aims to identify areas within businesses that can be improved, bettering CSR practises and providing a better understanding of areas of success and improvement. Having currently rated over 125,000 companies from more than 180 different countries in over 200 different industries, EcoVadis is a comprehensive and well-respected platform for businesses looking to assess and improve their sustainability practices.  


In November 2023, we partnered with Qonstrue, an expert in the field of sustainable supply chains, to help us clearly see the Tier 1 Net Zero plans of our full-tier vendor partners. By working together this way, we're helping our partners take key steps towards their own carbon reduction journeys, whilst they help us on our Net Zero journey. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.


So far, we have transitioned 5 of our Service Engineers' vehicles to fully electric vans, with the next 5 planned for the first half of 2024. While we roll out the transition to EV vehicles, we have also introduced the Lightfoot driving system to our engineers and sales fleet cars. This encourages more fuel-efficient driving, and early data showed a 7.3% uplift in average miles per gallon (MPG), and an annual reduction in CO2e across the vehicle fleet.

We're Carbon Neutral for FY23

We again achieved carbon-neutral accreditation for the financial year 2023, certified by PlanetMark (in accordance with PAS 2060:2014). This included widening our most recent carbon neutral scope measurement, meaning our certification covers Scope 1 and 2 emissions, as well as business travel, water consumption, waste, employee commuting, and paper usage for our UK and Overseas operations.

See Your Savings

To help reduce your carbon footprint in your bathroom (and potentially save money on your household bills), try our water & energy savings calculator.

Because every drop makes a difference

We’re on an ambitious program of multi-year initiatives targeted at making demonstrable changes to our carbon emissions, and things can get a bit complicated. So, we’ve summarised as much as we can, whilst still complying with guidelines and best practises to be as transparent as possible, while most of this is covered in our Sustainability Report, here are some top-line achievements.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We're helping to meet these UN SDGs with our Planet-focused activities:

Our Latest (& Greatest)

1. Working together to Reach Net Zero

Dan Lintell, Sustainability Manager

1. Working together to Reach Net Zero

Dan Lintell, Sustainability Manager

1. Working together to Reach Net Zero

Dan Lintell, Sustainability Manager