You’ll notice some of our showers are described as Thermostatic. Thermostatic showers blend incoming water to compensate for variations in the pressure and/or temperature to maintain a selected temperature. This allows you more control over your showering experience, which is ideal for busy households, particularly those with children or elderly users.

45 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing

With over 45 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing for the UK market, Triton offers a wide range of thermostatic electric and mixer shower options to suit the requirements of social housing, care homes, hospital environments and private properties alike.

Safety, innovation, and affordable style

Thanks to Triton’s ongoing commitment to safety, innovation, and affordable style, being market leaders means advanced shower technology, thermostatic controls and eye-catching designs are combined to maximum effect.

Multi-generational families

As well as meeting the needs of multi-generational families living together, Triton specialises in designing showers which assist with independent living and provide additional care where required.

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Thermostatic Electric Showers

An efficient and more sustainable way to heat and use water. We’re famous for electric showers, and with good reason. Advanced shower technology and outstanding designs are combined to maximum effect in our extensive range. Precise thermostatic temperature control is just a click away.

Digital Mixer Showers       

Inject some high-tech into your first thing. Precise temperature control, stylish, contemporary and highly personal.






 Mixer Showers

All of our mixer showers comes with  thermostatic temperature control, ensuring the shower holds a constant temperature for safe family showering, and a stylish shelf, useful for placing a shampoo bottle. For extra.


For added peace of mind, look out for TMV2 or TMV3 approval.

Power Showers

Featuring our Quiet Mark approved, quiet pump technology for a relaxing shower experience, the Triton AS2000SR silent running power shower is the perfect solution for those with low pressure systems.

How to make bathrooms fit for purpose for all generations

We believe that consumer-specific needs and safety should be at the heart of the housing revolution. Nowhere is this more important than in the bathroom.

With this in mind, we have created a safety blueprint guide which considers the movement towards multi-generational living in the UK, and explores the key elements of bathroom safety. 

What the guide covers:

  • Social housing supply and demand
  • The UKs demographic shift
  • Introducing the PASA test – our unique tool to help shower specification
  • Insight from a leading Occupational Therapist
  • Key elements of the safe bathroom
  • And much more!

Thank you for reading.

The Right Credentials

When specifying bathroom and shower equipment that is considered suitable for multi-generational use, there are five main approvals to consider.
While not every shower in a manufacturer’s range will carry or need these endorsements, those that have been fully tested and accepted by the relevant regulatory organisations will be clearly labelled. Looking out for these markers when selecting showers will help ensure every appliance is fit for purpose and best suited to the requirements of the audience being catered to.

As we age our eyesight deteriorates. In fact, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) figures suggest that 4.1 million people will be affected by sight loss by 2050. It is therefore essential that any shower installation, particularly the shower controller and riser bar, meets the needs of those with impaired sight. Showers that come with RNIB approval and have controllers designed for use by the elderly. For example, Triton’s Omnicare electric shower range has audible feedback, tactile buttons, and a grey contrast temperature dial to give added support and assurance to those with visual and auditory impairments

The BEAB Approved Mark is a widely recognised electrical safety mark used to support CE Marking and demonstrate conformity with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). It demonstrates to everyone in the supply chain, including consumers, retailers, and distributors, that an independent third party (Intertek) has verified a product’s safety

The BEAB Care Mark is proof that a product complies with the additional safety and
performance criteria for use in private housing, hospitals, and other care establishments. Specifically, the Care Mark demonstrates that water heater products meet the additional requirements to existing safety standards that take into account the needs of people in care situations, such as the elderly and people with disabilities who may have limited manoeuvrability or ability to react quickly to changing situations.

A BEAB Care Mark approved product has been designed to ensure stable outlet water
temperatures under normal supply variations. In addition, the product will protect from scalding under rapid and abnormal supply variations, without adjustment by the user. The BEAB Care Mark is only applied to products that have existing BEAB Approval and conform with the additional safety and performance test schedules. The product must be installed to comply with BEAB Care standards (e.g. for use in healthcare environments the factory set maximum temperature of 41ºC must not be altered). Following installation, the shower should be tested again within 6 to 8 weeks or after any major repair. If there is no significant change in the outlet water temperature greater than ±1º C between the two inspections, the in-service test frequency can be reduced - but it must not exceed 12 months between any two inspections. This test schedule is designed to measure performance specifically related to its application in the care sector, and ensures the performance of the shower is consistently monitored. The in-service tests must be recorded on the BEAB Care In-Service Test Record.

The TMV Scheme is an independent third-party approval initiative. A TMV2 fitting is
designed for use in a domestic dwelling and works with water pressures of between 0.1 bar and 5 bar, making them ideal for multi-generational homes with young children and elderly occupants. TMV2 valves adhere to two British Standards, namely BS EN 1111 and BS EN 1287.

The Scheme also works with the Child Accident Prevention Trust to promote the safe use of hot water in domestic buildings, concentrating specifically on social housing.

A TMV3 fitting is specifically designed for healthcare environments, or any population
regarded as being at risk, such as the disabled, elderly, or young, but not living in their own home. Crucially, TMV3 applies to environments where TMV2 would be insufficient, such as hospitals and care homes. For this reason, TMV3 adheres to the NHS D08 regulatory standard making it suitable for NHS applications. . TMV3 fittings are also designed to work with much higher water pressures, from 0.2 bar to 10 bar.

Specification Help & Resources

The Triton PASA Test: what is it and how can it be used to deliver fit for purpose bathrooms?

We have recently developed a Blueprint for bathroom safety guide, which contains something called the PASA Test. Covering Purpose, Accessibility, Safety, and Aesthetics, it can be used to aid delivery of a fit-for-purpose space, and below we’ve given a brief outline of what each section of the test represents. Read the full article

Guest blog | Safe showering from The OT Service

As occupational therapists do we think about the regulations that are in place to ensure products are safe for our clients to use? To highlight this issue, we take a look at how occupational therapists can be reassured that the showering products they recommend are ideally suited for the application. Read the full article

Guest blog | Financing bathroom adaptations from the OT Service

In an era of austerity and declining health and social care budgets, accessing state funding for home adaptations is becoming increasingly difficult. This blog takes a look at the challenges and the opportunities for those who find themselves in this position may face, and the likely impact this will have on the role of occupational therapists in the future. Read the full article

Inclusive bathroom design - what to consider

With more UK homes requiring bathroom adaptations to meet a variety of needs, installers are frequently required to recommend inclusive showering solutions. Here are some of the key factors that should be considered. Read the full article

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