Our Story

In 1975, we were born in a garage. In 2021, we’re in bathrooms everywhere. 

Originally called Triton Aquatherm Ltd and based in Atherstone, Warwickshire, we share our proud yet humble garage origins with the likes of Apple, Microsoft and JCB.

Back in 1975, who would’ve thought that one shower unit design would lead to us being market leader today?

In 1986 the business became Triton Showers before being acquired by Norcros Holdings Ltd in 1987.  By the late 1980’s, there were over 2 million Triton shower products in UK homes - a figure that’s only grown and grown year on year.

So what’s the secret to becoming such a customer favourite and household name? 

Well, you have to have a great product otherwise you won’t attract a great team to design, engineer and serve such a loyal customer base. We’ve always listened intently to what professional installers want from our showers too - ease of installation and unrivalled reliability being key.

Our products are always easy to find too. From DIY stores to electrical wholesalers, merchants to home shopping - plus a huge online presence too.

As a proud British manufacturer, we were delighted to become a member of the ‘Made in Britain’ scheme - a body that champions British manufacturing - in 2014.

Cause for even more celebration was turning 40 back in May 2015. But we aren’t about to start kicking back into middle age - far from it. We remain as passionate and dedicated as ever to bringing our customers incredible style and functionality at an affordable price.

2021 marked the start of arguably the biggest period of transformation in our history.  A new, comprehensive sustainability drive will see us leave no stone unturned in our quest to be carbon net-zero and provide customers with ever more efficient products.

In August 2021 we achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, followed up by Carbon Neutral status in 2022, underlining our commitment to reduce carbon emissions year on year, as part of our ambition to achieve carbon net zero alignment by 2028.