My electric shower runs too hot, too cold or cycles between the two, why?

Check pressures and cover alignment

In the first instance we would advise to check you have adequate water pressure and flow into the shower for the kilowatt of shower that you have and that the temperature dial has been aligned correctly with the inside of the shower (instructions for this available in your shower's fitting book). This is not factory set and needs to be aligned upon installation.

Check for blockages to water flow

We would also advise to check there are no blockages in the shower head and hose and that the shower head and hose fitted are the Triton ones that came with the shower.

Seasonal variations

During times of particularly warm weather, we would advise to use the shower on the single red setting, as the ambient water temperatures into the property are getting higher and if the shower is used on the double red setting it can cause the cycling temperatures being experienced.

Conversely, during the winter months as ambient water temperatures fall, you may need to run your shower at a higher setting to ensure preferred showering temperature. More advice on using your electric shower during the winter can be found here.

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