I am in the process of installing a twin impeller pump. Do I need to use a side entry or top entry flange for the hot connection from the cylinder?
No, as detailed in the fitting instructions the hot water connection can be from a tee fitting positioned in the horizontal section of pipe from the top of the cylinder or in the falling section of pipe feeding other outlets.
I have a very old Triton shower booster pump that has stopped working, can it be repaired?
Certain spare parts may be available but it is usually more cost effective to replace the pump with the latest model.
Do you manufacture a pump that can be fitted to the mains cold water supply?
No, all Triton pumps must be installed onto gravity fed water supplies only.
Why is water constantly dripping from my shower head?
Water continuously dripping from the showerhead when the unit is switched off indicates a mechanical fault inside the flow control valve or solenoid valve depending on the model of shower. These parts are non-serviceable and will need replacing.
Can I fit a booster pump in the hot supply from my combi boiler to improve the flow from the mixer shower I am fitting?
No, you cannot fit a pump on the system because the combi - boiler is connected to the mains cold water supply. Shower pumps are suitable for gravity fed supplies only.
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